Use ZENmix for personal listening or create mixes for personal and commercial projects.
Chose your flavor.

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I also offer a royalty-free meditation music for commercial use packs with pre-made music, ready to plug into your commercial projects.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Use the Mixes On YouTube, in Apps, Etc?

Yes, with the Creator plan, you are allowed to use your mixes with at least 2 sounds playing on your own YouTube channel, your apps, on your podcasts, etc as long as there is any other essential creativity involved. This means you can use it with your own voice overs for meditations, talking videos, etc. OR you can use the mixes only WHEN your video part is more than a still image or stock video loop, e.g., you put some effort into the video.

Just combining a ZENmix mix with a still image for a video and putting that on YouTube is prohibited. You need to add some creativity here. Same for using stock video loops instead of a still image.

At the time of publishing your YouTube video using ZENmix mixes you must have a valid active subscription. Once you published the video under an active subscription, it's still covered even when you cancel your subscription. Although, you can't use mixes for new videos anymore.

Can I Use the Mixes Commercially?

Yes. Commercial use is allowed with some small restrictions:

Can I Download The Audio Files?

No. You can NOT download the files for local use.

However, you can use our direct export feature to export your mixes as MP3s (Requires the Creator plan) or listen and record them using your systems possibilities.

Will My Subscription Renew Automatically?

Yes, once you’re subscribed to the Premium plan, your subscription will renew automatically on the next billing date. Unless you downgrade to the Free Account plan or pause your subscription at least 24 hours before the next billing date.

Can I Cancel or Pause My Subscription at Any Time?

Yes, you can cancel your subscription and downgrade to the Free Account plan at any time.

Alternatively, you can pause your subscription, if something unexpected happens in your life. And resume it later, when things are going fine again. No need to cancel.

The changes become effective at the end of the already paid period. Until then, you can enjoy the Premium plan. When the already paid period is over, you will be automatically downgraded to the Free Account plan.

What are my payment options?

You can pay with cards by Mastercard, Visa, Maestro, American Express, Discover, Diners Club, JCB, UnionPay or PayPal or Apple Pay. Payment is handled by our resell partner Paddle is the merchant of record.

What is Personal Listening?

You can listen to your ZENmix mixes on all of your devices. Nobody else is allowed to access your account. It is fine to play the mixes in your living room with family and friends around, but it is NOT permitted to play the mixes for any commercial purposes or anything that goes beyond normal family life.

How Does the Streaming Limit Work?

The public and the free plan do have a streaming limit for each play session. With the FREE Account plan, you can stream for 1 hour, and then the music stops, and you have to manually start the music again. The number of sessions per day is not limited.

The reason behind this is to ensure that our customers always get high-quality music. If you want to stream longer, e.g., overnight, consider upgrading to the PREMIUM account. It's just 16$ a year.

Paid plans do not have this limit!

Why Subscription? Can'T You Offer the Site for 2 Bucks One-Time Fee? or Make It Free?

The short answer is sustainability. For you, for the site, for me.

I am an individual developer, and I make my living with online products. So, giving everything away for free might make you happy, but it will not feed my family and me. Nor will I ever have an incentive to improve the site anymore. It would become abandonware like noisli, and others are or were for a long time. No fixes, no new sounds, no nothing.

Taking a one-time fee seems to make it more pleasant but, let's be honest here, it's not sustainable for most apps. As a dev, I had to make constant updates and charging for new releases; otherwise, nobody upgrades, and sustainability drops again. Besides, most software with this model will become bloatware at some point. Or abandonware, because it is not economical for anybody, not even in countries with lower living costs. The 2 or 5 bucks of most mobile apps, for example, are ridiculously priced and do not sustain the dev. And as a result, the customers like you will suffer too.

The only way to make you and me happy and keep the site running is a subscription. And I set a small fee which fits into everybody's budget. Yet, it is high enough that I'll do my best to improve the site so that you get more productive or relax better, whatever you use the ambient sounds for.

Do You Have a Mobile App?

Yes, although Premium features are not yet implemented.

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