Free & Royalty-Free Meditation Music & Nature Sounds For Commercial Use

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I love the combination of white noise like rain or bird sounds with calming undertones. I can feel myself relaxing almost immediately.


Meditation Trainer

free meditation music for commercial use

Focus and Concentration with Gamma Waves


30min - Format: MP3 - Free license

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free meditation music for commercial use

Calming Down & Relaxation | Storm | Forest Hut


30min - Format: MP3 - Free license

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free meditation music for commercial use

Relaxing Your Mind | Forest | Babbling Brook


30min - Format: MP3 - Free license

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The tracks are exactly what I was looking for. As a yoga instructor I am always looking for non-rhythmic tonal music with natural sound, and this is it! Thank you!


Yoga Instructor

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royalty-free meditation music for commercial use

Roots Pack

10 + 2 bonus tracks - 6+ hours playtime - Royalty-Free

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royalty-free meditation music for commercial use

Positive Flow Pack

10 + 2 bonus tracks - 9+ hours playtime - royalty-Free

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royalty-free meditation music for commercial use

Dreamscape Pack

10 + 2 bonus tracks - 10+ hours playtime - royalty-Free

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royalty-free meditation music for commercial use

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Beautiful, high-quality sounds. I bought the big bundle and feel like it's all I'll ever need to grow my business.


Mindfulness Coach

Get The Bundle and Save 32%

You'll get the packs Roots, Positve Flow & Dreamscape with a total of 30 + 6 bonus tracks and over 26 hours of playtime for a single purchase of $288 $39 - royalty-free.

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I got fantastic value from the couple tracks I did use so far. Thank you so much for the awesome music.


Spiritual Coach

Exactly what I needed. Thank you.


Yoga Studio

Isn't Royalty-Free Music Free?

No. Royalty-free music is not free as in free beer. Royalty-free means that you don't have to pay any royalties to the rightsholder for continued use. Classically, you had to pay for every use and with sometimes strict view or usage limits like limited to 5000 CD sales or 5000 downloads.

However, not so with royalty-free music. Instead, you pay for the license once and can use it forever without any limitations.

How You Can Use The Music

Use it on YouTube, music for your video, in your meditation sessions, guided meditation, in meditation apps, as background music, on your podcast, for hypnosis, for wellbeing, in a spa, for reiki, in therapy, as ambient meditation music, meditation background music, relaxation music, meditation music for youtube and anywhere else you can think of. Even in commercial projects.

royalty free music for guided meditation, royalty free calming music

License Terms for the Free Tracks

You can use the 3 free meditation music tracks on this page for free under this license.

  • ✓ Free for personal und commercial use
  • ✓ Attribution is required with a link back to (see below); if you can't link back to us because you publish a CD, you must attribute in an appropriate credits sections.
  • You are NOT allowed to distribute this music as is or creating services similar to

    You cannot re-sell our music or distribute our music as a 'music only' product. This means that you cannot sell CDs or digital downloads of our music, nor can you make our music available in any way that allows people to download, stream or extract the music as a standalone file. No Subliminal recordings; your voice must be clearly audible.

  • You can NOT alter our music and then claim that the music is yours. For example, you cannot add brainwave entrainment frequencies or nature sounds to our music and then sell or distribute the music as your own product. Any audio-only product you create must include a voiceover.

  • You can NOT sub-license the music

    You cannot sub-license (with or without voice over) our music to any third party, nor can you sell our music as part of a production music library, as stock music, royalty free music or music sample library. Should you create a product containing our music for your client, who is intending to re-sell your product, a separate license must be purchased in the name of your client.

This license applies only the 3 files here on this page not the sounds and music on the main app..

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