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Random Focus Relax

Music hide sound section Music

Zen Music
Zen Music
Peaceful Mind Music PREMIUM
Peaceful Mind Music
Gratitude Music PREMIUM
Gratitude Music
Rhythm of Life Music PREMIUM
Rhythm of Life Music
Aurora Music PREMIUM
Aurora Music
Healing Dream Music PREMIUM
Healing Dream Music
Gong Meditation PREMIUM
Gong Meditation
Xiao Flute Melody PREMIUM
Xiao Flute Melody
Reiki Music 1 PREMIUM
Reiki Music 1
Moonlit Meditation NEW PREMIUM
Moonlit Meditation
Sleep Sanctuary PREMIUM
Sleep Sanctuary
Peaceful Paradise PREMIUM
Peaceful Paradise
Walking with the Spirit PREMIUM
Walking with the Spirit
Celestial Bliss PREMIUM
Celestial Bliss
Drifting Away PREMIUM
Drifting Away
Relax & Renew PREMIUM
Relax & Renew
Awakening the Soul PREMIUM
Awakening the Soul
Inner Light PREMIUM
Inner Light
Reaching for the Stars PREMIUM
Reaching for the Stars

Nature hide sound section Nature

Babbling Brook
Babbling Brook
Rustling Leaves
Rustling Leaves
Heavy Rain PREMIUM
Heavy Rain
Campfire PREMIUM
Morning Walk - Footsteps
Morning Walk - Footsteps
Gentle Fire PREMIUM
Gentle Fire
Strong Ocean Wind PREMIUM
Strong Ocean Wind
Deep Underwater PREMIUM
Deep Underwater
Underwater Bubbles PREMIUM
Underwater Bubbles
Water Drips at Shrine
Water Drips at Shrine
Mountain Stream PREMIUM
Mountain Stream
Mountain Lake PREMIUM
Mountain Lake
Autumn Forest Ambience PREMIUM
Autumn Forest Ambience
Countryside 1 PREMIUM
Countryside 1
Countryside 2 PREMIUM
Countryside 2
Waterfall Ambience PREMIUM
Waterfall Ambience
Autumn Farmyard Ambience PREMIUM
Autumn Farmyard Ambience
Amazon Forest NEW PREMIUM
Amazon Forest
Cricket Fields NEW PREMIUM
Cricket Fields
Crickets Chirping NEW PREMIUM
Crickets Chirping
Rainforest Ambience NEW PREMIUM
Rainforest Ambience
Jungle Rain
Rain by the Porch NEW PREMIUM
Rain by the Porch
Rain Indoor
Rain on Roof NEW PREMIUM
Rain on Roof
Rain on Concrete NEW PREMIUM
Rain on Concrete

Chants hide sound section Chants

Om Chant
Healing Voice PREMIUM
Healing Voice

Bowl Intervals hide sound section Bowl Intervals

Bowl - Every Minute PREMIUM
Bowl - Every Minute
Bowl - Every 3 Min PREMIUM
Bowl - Every 3 Min
Tibetan Bowl Every minute PREMIUM
Tibetan Bowl Every minute

Urban / Human-Made hide sound section Urban / Human-Made

Street in Tokyo PREMIUM
Street in Tokyo

Windchime Melodies hide sound section Windchime Melodies

Windchimes Crystal 1 PREMIUM
Windchimes Crystal 1
Windchimes Crystal 2 PREMIUM
Windchimes Crystal 2
Windchimes Crystal 3 PREMIUM
Windchimes Crystal 3
Windchimes Bamboo PREMIUM
Windchimes Bamboo
Windchimes Wood PREMIUM
Windchimes Wood
Windchimes Metal 1 PREMIUM
Windchimes Metal 1
Windchimes Metal 2 PREMIUM
Windchimes Metal 2
Windchimes Metal 3 PREMIUM
Windchimes Metal 3
Windchimes Metal 4 PREMIUM
Windchimes Metal 4
Windchimes Metal 5 PREMIUM
Windchimes Metal 5
Windchimes Metal 6 PREMIUM
Windchimes Metal 6
Windchimes Metal 7 PREMIUM
Windchimes Metal 7

Shamanic Drum Melodies hide sound section Shamanic Drum Melodies

Taiko 1 @ 88bpm PREMIUM
Taiko 1 @ 88bpm
Taiko 2 @ 88bpm PREMIUM
Taiko 2 @ 88bpm
Drums 1 @ 57bpm PREMIUM
Drums 1 @ 57bpm
Drums 2 @ 57bpm PREMIUM
Drums 2 @ 57bpm
Drums 3 @ 60bpm PREMIUM
Drums 3 @ 60bpm
Drums 4 @ 68bpm PREMIUM
Drums 4 @ 68bpm
Drums 5 @ 86bpm PREMIUM
Drums 5 @ 86bpm
Drums 6 @ 80bpm PREMIUM
Drums 6 @ 80bpm
Drums 7 @ 60bpm PREMIUM
Drums 7 @ 60bpm
Drums 8 @ 94bpm PREMIUM
Drums 8 @ 94bpm
Drums 9 @ 94bpm PREMIUM
Drums 9 @ 94bpm
Drums 10 @ 30bpm PREMIUM
Drums 10 @ 30bpm

Brain Waves - Binaurals hide sound section Brain Waves - Binaurals

Delta Waves - Sleep
Delta Waves - Sleep
Theta Waves - Deep Relax
Theta Waves - Deep Relax
Alpha Waves - Relax
Alpha Waves - Relax
Beta Waves - Focus
Beta Waves - Focus
Gamma Waves - Focus
Gamma Waves - Focus

Brain Waves - Isochronic Tones hide sound section Brain Waves - Isochronic Tones

Isochronic Delta Waves - Sleep NEW
Isochronic Delta Waves - Sleep
Isochronic Theta Waves - Deep Relax NEW
Isochronic Theta Waves - Deep Relax
Isochronic Alpha Waves - Relax NEW
Isochronic Alpha Waves - Relax
Isochronic Beta Waves - Focus NEW
Isochronic Beta Waves - Focus
Isochronic Gamma Waves - Focus NEW
Isochronic Gamma Waves - Focus

Solfeggio Frequencies hide sound section Solfeggio Frequencies

40 Hz
Solfeggio 174 Hz PREMIUM
Solfeggio 174 Hz
Solfeggio 285 Hz PREMIUM
Solfeggio 285 Hz
Solfeggio 396 Hz PREMIUM
Solfeggio 396 Hz
Solfeggio 417 Hz PREMIUM
Solfeggio 417 Hz
Solfeggio 432 Hz PREMIUM
Solfeggio 432 Hz
Solfeggio 528 Hz PREMIUM
Solfeggio 528 Hz
Solfeggio 639 Hz PREMIUM
Solfeggio 639 Hz
Solfeggio 741 Hz PREMIUM
Solfeggio 741 Hz
777 Hz
Solfeggio 852 Hz PREMIUM
Solfeggio 852 Hz
888 Hz
Solfeggio 963 Hz PREMIUM
Solfeggio 963 Hz

Noise hide sound section Noise

White Noise
White Noise
Pink Noise
Pink Noise
Brown Noise
Brown Noise
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