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Serenity Suite is a bundle of 3 royalty free meditation scripts that’s the perfect companion for coaches & therapists to create & selling guided meditations.

With Serenity Suite, you’ll have access to three carefully crafted guided meditation scripts to help your clients achieve deep sleep, overcome anxiety, and find relaxation. The scripts are designed by professional meditation trainers based on their experience.

Creating your scripts for guided meditations can be challenging and time-consuming. Finding the right words to guide clients through the meditation process is hard. That’s why we’ve created scripts for you that are easy to use as is or customizable in a breeze.

With Serenity Suite you:

  • Get three powerful guided meditation scripts
  • Save time and effort by using pre-written scripts
  • Help clients achieve deep sleep, overcome anxiety, and find relaxation
  • Build a reputation for providing high-quality guided meditations
  • Can use the scripts in an unlimited number of guided meditations

Get the meditation scripts in PDF format with our generous royalty-free license. You can record and sell unlimited guided meditations based on our script, and you’re free to edit, add or remove parts of the scripts to adjust it to your clients. Check full license

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Anxiety Buster - ~20 min long

Welcome to the “Anxiety Buster” Meditation, where I will guide you to relax and bring yourself back into balance. 

But what is anxiety? Anxiety is a natural response of your body to stress or a perceived threat. It is a feeling of worry, fear, or unease about something that may happen in the future and can be experienced by anyone. Anxiety can be a normal and healthy response to specific situations, such as before an exam or a job interview, as it can help to motivate and prepare a person. However, when anxiety becomes persistent, excessive, and interferes with daily life, it can be classified as an anxiety disorder.

Begin by finding a comfortable seated position. You may choose to sit on a cushion or a chair. Allow your body to relax and your mind to settle. Close your eyes, and relax your forehead and jaw as you exhale. 

Breathe in, <pause for 3 seconds>, and breathe out through your mouth with a sigh. 

Breathe in deeply, <pause for 3 seconds>, and breathe out through your mouth, allowing your body to relax. 

One more time, breathe in deeply, <pause for 3 seconds>, and breathe out through your mouth, making an aaahhhhh sound. 

Slowly come back to your normal breathing and notice how you feel today. 

<Pause 10 seconds>

Continue to breathe and imagine any tension or stress leaving your body as you exhale.

Continue to breathe deeply and slowly, allowing your body to relax with each breath. Feel how all the pressure comes out from your muscles as you exhale. 

<Pause 10 seconds>

Feel how your whole being unwinds and travels into the lands of relaxation. Each inhalation brings you more calmness, and each exhalation allows you to enter a deeper state of tranquility. 

<Pause 10 seconds>

Now, bring your attention to your thoughts. 

Notice any anxious or stressful thoughts that may be running through your mind. 

<Pause 10 seconds>

Don’t try to push them away or judge them. Simply observe them and acknowledge that they are there. Continue to breathe, becoming an observer of your wandering mind. 

<Pause 10 seconds>

Breathe and relax. 

Watch your thoughts as they come and go without any involvement. 

You can do this in daily life, watching your wandering mind without any attachments, detaching, and letting it go. 

<Pause 10 seconds>

Imagine yourself in a forest, standing on a riverbank, watching the water flow by. See yourself here in this calming place and continue to breathe. 

Feel the wind touching your skin, the sun warming up your body, and listen to the sounds of the river and birds as they are making you feel calmer than ever before. 

<Pause 10 seconds>

Look at the river, the leaves floating in the wind and water. 

Visualize each thought as a leaf floating down the river. 

Watch as the leaves come into your view, and then watch them float away downstream.

<Pause 10 seconds>

As you continue to watch your thoughts drift away, repeat this affirmation silently to yourself: 

I accept my wandering mind. 

<Pause 5 seconds between each affirmation>

I release all the pressure from my body as I exhale. 

I release all the overthinking from my mind. 

I open my heart and shine my light. 

Continue to breathe and relax, watching your thoughts floating away on the river. 

<Pause 20 seconds>

Imagine how the sun shines on your body, warming up each cell of your being and regenerating it. 

Imagine yourself being wrapped in its warm, comforting light. This blanket protects you from any negative thoughts or feelings. Continue to breathe and relax in this wonderful forest. 

You can walk, enter the river’s water, or just lay down on the grass and unwind. 

Do anything that makes you feel good, and give yourself this time for relaxation and inner stillness because you deserve it. 

Your anxiety will try to distract you, but you are stronger and can detach from your mind. 

<Pause 20 seconds>

Now, bring your attention to your body. Notice any areas of tension or discomfort.

Begin by bringing your attention to your feet. Wiggle your toes, and then relax them. Move your attention up to your calves, then release any tension as you breathe out. 

<Pause 10 seconds>

Continue this process by moving up your body, bringing your attention to each area, and then releasing any tension that may be present. Move to your thighs, your hips, your stomach, your chest, your shoulders, your arms, your hands, your neck, and finally, your head.

<Pause 20 seconds>

Once you have released any tension from your body, take a few more deep breaths. As you inhale, imagine yourself breathing in calm and peaceful energy. As you exhale, imagine any remaining tension or stress leaving your body.

<Pause 15 seconds>

Take a few moments to be with yourself and your breath. If your mind begins to wander, gently bring your attention back to your breathing, the river, and the wonderful nature around you. 

<Pause 15 seconds>

When you are ready to end this meditation, take a deep breath in and exhale slowly. Become aware of your external environment, and smile. Observe how you feel and breathe a few times deeply. 

<Pause 15 seconds>

Open your eyes slowly and take a moment to notice how you feel after this relaxing visualization meditation. 

<Pause 10 seconds>

Remember that you can return to this practice whenever you feel anxious or stressed. Know that you have the power to release any negative feelings from your mind and body. You only need to breathe deeply when those overwhelming thoughts appear and try not to involve yourself in them.  Thank you for joining me in this anxiety-release meditation. May you carry this sense of calm and peace with you throughout your day. 

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Breathe into Sleep - ~20 min long


Welcome to this sleep relaxation meditation. Here you will be guided through relaxing natural scenery while freeing your mind from stressful thoughts and aligning yourself with your body’s wisdom and a smooth and natural breath flow for better sleep.

To start, lie down on your back while resting your hands at your sides. Feel free to change your position during the practice in order to be more comfortable. Slowly close your eyes. Allow yourself to relax.

Notice your body making contact with the surface beneath you … Notice whether the air around you is cool or warm … Notice whether your heart is beating faster or slower … notice the humming sounds from your surroundings … the sounds appearing and disappearing … thoughts, feelings or images coming and going while you are noticing them all as they are … and, letting them go …

You are not changing anything, only allowing them all to appear in the light of your awareness and letting them dissolve in their own way with no resistance. Take a few moments to notice, let go and settle in.

Now, you are going to breathe slowly and deeply by lengthening your out-breaths. Taking a breath in through your nose for a count of 4 – taking a breath into your belly, and breathing out through your nose or mouth for a count of 8. Repeat the entire rounds 6 times. You can mentally count while breathing in and out.

And, let’s begin … breathe in, 2, 3, 4 … and breathe out, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8.

Again, breathe in, 2, 3, 4 … and, slowly and fully breathe out, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8.

And, breathe in, 2, 3, 4 … and breathe out, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8.

Breathe in, 2, 3, 4 … and slowly breathe out, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 …

and breathe in, 2, 3, 4 … and, slowly breathe out, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8.

Breathe in, 2, 3, 4 … and, slowly breathe out, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 …

Feel how your body smoothly flows into deep relaxation.

Stay with the feelings of relaxation and ease for a few moments. Keep breathing at your natural rhythm. Feel how your effortless breath deepens your relaxation more.

Now, put one hand on your chest area and the other one on your belly. Allow your awareness to rest in these areas of your body for a while. Feel how serenity and balance wash over you.

At this moment, imagine yourself walking across the grassy green field full of gold and silvery dandelions with their star-light heads and cotton-like heads of seeds. Those with silvery seed heads are also known as gossamer balls. They look like they are waiting for a gentle puff to release their cotton-like windmills seeds into the air.

As you are gently walking, bring your awareness to your feet touching the ground… feeling how your left foot is making contact with the ground… feeling how your right foot is making contact with the ground. Your heels are softly rising and falling…rising and falling…releasing the remaining tension from your body into the ground…

… and, you feel calmer and lighter … more connected to the Nature around you … and, you keep walking, relaxing and absorbing the harmonious energy radiated by the green field and flowers …

Now, you pick out one gossamer ball and start to blow out its seeds, and make a wish and, let it go.

You are watching how the cotton-like seeds float in the air by surrendering yourself to the present moment of bliss and calmness…

You are at peace and ready to slowly drift off to sleep and get a good restful sleep…

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Farewell Stress - ~20 min long

Hello. Welcome to the “Farewell Stress” stress reduction guided meditation. In the following moments, you will get rid of stress and tension by being more aware of your breath and body while relaxing and attuning to your body’s wisdom. Let’s begin!

Give yourself some time to adjust your body by finding the most comfortable lying or sitting position so that you can stay relaxed and still during this exercise. You can use blankets, pillows, or any other support under your back, back of your legs, neck, or head if you need it.

Gently close your eyelids. Feel how your body touches the surface beneath you. Feel the air around you.

Take a deep and slow breath in … and breathe out deeply and slowly. Keep breathing deeply and slowly for a few times.

Observe the rising and falling movements of your breath by breathing at your natural rhythm. Your breath is rising … falling … rising … falling … Feel the subtle movements of your breath. Feel the subtle changes in your body as your breath rises and falls. Relax. Let all worries and cares go.

Now, bring your awareness to your left foot, left big toe, second toe, and go to the spot two finger widths above the place where the skin of your big toe and the second toe joint. Gently rest your awareness here for a while.

… and, now, move to your right foot, right big toe, second toe, and be aware of the spot two finger widths above the place where the skin of your big toe and the second toe joint. Simply notice what is present here. Rest your awareness here for a while and relax.

Move your awareness to the rest of your toes, arches of your feet, the inner and outer sides, the balls of your feet – the part of the soles just behind your toes, the bottom of your feet, and, the entire feet. Notice any sensations, aches, or pains that may be here. The more you are aware of these areas, the more relief and relaxation you feel.

At this moment, bring your awareness to your ankles, lower legs, and their muscles, ligaments, knees. Slowly scan these areas, notice any sensations, and allow yourself to release any discomfort you may feel and let go.

… and, if your mind starts to wander, observe whatever comes to you as it is, and, bring your attention back to your body by scanning your upper legs, thighs …, move to your hips, the pelvis – the part of the body between the abdomen and the thighs and, allow yourself to relax and let go.

Feel how the energy flow changes in your body by being present at the moment with no resistance to anything, simply by allowing yourself to be … and, by being aware of your lower, middle, upper back and the sides between your armpits and hips …, belly, chest …, and, allow yourself to relieve any tension by putting your gentle and full awareness on the center of your chest.

… and, move to the front of your neck, back of your neck, shoulders, observe any sensations here and let go …, and, let your awareness dissolve any tension or tightness in the space between your shoulder blades.

As you go to your upper arms, lower arms, hands, palms, fingers, you feel how the new energy is spreading throughout your body.

Be aware of the center of your palms for a while by surrendering to the blissful moments of relaxation.

At this moment, be aware of your jaw. Observe what is present here. Scan this area and gently go down your earlobes and below the corners of your jawbones. As your awareness grows, feel how your jaw becomes more relaxed and flexible as well.

Now, shift your awareness to the muscles around your mouth, cheekbones, and the area around your eyes, your eyes, and forehead. Observe any sensations. Allow yourself to soften the muscles and relax these areas by your present moment awareness.

Move your awareness to the space between your eyebrows. Observe what is present here. Relax.

Feel how you are more open to a new uplifting energy circulating through your body. Feel how your mind is open to new possibilities. Now, be aware of the muscles at the sides of your head near the temples going up and around your ears. Allow your present-moment awareness to harmonize and revitalize your face, neck, and head.

Right now, bring your awareness to other parts of your head and to the entire head. Observe any sensations you may feel, accept them as they are, and let them go.

Keep scanning the parts of your body you may have missed or if you feel that some parts of your body need more of your attention.

Feel how your gentle awareness brings you the subtle and powerful transformations your body and mind need in this moment. Feel how you become more attuned to yourself.

At this moment, open your eyelids slightly just to take a look around a bit…Wiggle your toes and fingers…slowly stretch out your arms and legs…Take a deep breath in and breathe out in the same way. When you’re ready, open your eyes and mindfully continue with your activities or give yourself time to rest more.

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Deep Binaurals

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Flow and Let Go

Music for Yoga flow sequences - royalty-free

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Cosmic Floating

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Binaural Beats

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In detail:

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  • Pack 3 Dreamscape: 12 tracks at 192kpbs cbr up to 320kbps vbr
  • Pack 4 Ancient Healing: 12 tracks at 320kbps vbr
  • Pure Solgeffio: 12 tracks as Wave