ZENmix Affiliate Program


30% commission on all packs and bundle sold. One-time purchases and one-time commission.

30% commission on all Creator plans recurring as long as the user stays up to 6 billing invervals. Means, if she joins on Creator monthly and stays 6 months, you'll get 30% commission on each monthly payment. If she stays for 7 months, you'll get the commission for 6 months.

Monthly payouts.


Ethical promotions only. Means:

  • No MLM
  • No false promises
  • No SEO-competition with keywords ZENmix targets
  • No ads on the ZENmix name

Join in 3 simple steps

  1. Create your affiliate account
  2. Send me email and explain shortly where you're going to promote ZENmix incl. links to your site or YT channels
  3. I check your application and send you an email with approval or decline.

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