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royalty-free meditation music for commercial use


Get Roots, Positive Flow & Dreamscape with Discount

royalty-free meditation music for commercial use


12 tracks - 6+ hours playtime - royalty-Free

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royalty-free meditation music for commercial use

Positive Flow

12 tracks - 9+ hours playtime - royalty-Free

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royalty-free meditation music for commercial use

BG Images

36 relaxing background images in 4k - royalty-Free

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Frequently Asked Questions

Payment Secured by Paddle

I use Paddle.com for all my payments. They are acting as my reseller and are a leading payment provider loved in the software world. Maybe that's because some of you don't know them. Never had any issue with them on both sides- buying and selling.

Plus, I never see any credit card details, which I love because they take care of all the security, and I have to worry less.

Taxes or the Price is Different During Checkout

For some, the checkout price differs slightly from the one stated on the page, and you get these strange looking prices like 5.81. That's because of taxes and currency exchange reasons.

I show prices excluding taxes in USD as it makes it easier for most customers. I am EU-based, so anyone from the EU will have to pay it's country taxes. All others not.

Most of you are outside the EU and should not experience this.

But I can tell you, this tax stuff is ridiculously complicated. That's why I am happy that Paddle also takes care of this for me.

What Bitrate Do the MP3 have?

The tracks are all in CD quality but are distributed with different bitrates. This is because the pack evolved over time, and I have not updated older tracks as the bitrate is always acceptable for most use cases of digital audio. Honestly, most people don't even notice any difference between a 128kbps track and a 320kbps one, and especially not on consumer speakers.

In detail:

  • Pack 1 Roots: 11 tracks at 128kbps vbr + 1 at 320kbps vbr
  • Pack 2 Positive Flow: 12 tracks at 192kpbs cbr up to 320kbps vbr)
  • Pack 3 Dreamscape: 12 tracks at 192kpbs cbr up to 320kbps vbr)

Can I Buy a Single Track Only

Yes, you can buy single tracks on the royalty-free meditation music single track page.

The Royalty-Free License of the Mega Packs

The royalty-free license gives you a worldwide non-exclusive right to use our music for private and commercial use WITHOUT attribution for almost any use except re-selling, redistributing, sublicensing the music as is or using it on sites similar to ZENmix.io, or Fiverr and alike, nor can you claim ownership/copyright of the music.

Use it on YouTube, in your meditation sessions, in meditation apps, on your podcast, and anywhere else you can think of.

Use as ambient meditation music, meditation background music, relaxation music, meditation music for youtube; royalty-free for commercial use.

I Purchased the Pack Before - Is There Something New For Me?

It depends on when you purchased the pack, as the bundle/packs changed over time.

If you bought it with a set of 12 tracks, you purchased essentially Pack 1. So, Pack 2 will be new songs for you.

If you purchased it with 24 tracks, you essentially bought the bundle of Pack 1 and Pack 2. So, there's nothing new for you right now.

Still Have Questions?

Email me at hello@zenmix.io or use the contact form