Dreamscape - A Royalty-Free Meditation Music Pack

Dreamscape is a set of meditation music perfectly designed to help you find and achieve your dreams. Enter a dream world full of possibilities that empowers you to find your dreams and manifest them in your life. This peaceful meditation music with gentle background is perfect for letting loose and exploring your inner dreams. Or use it solely as relaxation music to sleep or music to sleep by and have a great rest and wake up fully re-energized.

Get 10 + 2 bonus tracks with a total runtime of over 10 hours long. Royalty-free. Pay once, use forever. Format: MP3

Its exactly what I was looking for not only on price point, but licence and the feel of the music. The tracks are simple and atmospheric for the purpose I need them.


Meditation Coach

The royalty-free license gives you a worldwide non-exclusive right to use our music for private and commercial use WITHOUT attribution for almost any use except re-selling the music as is or using it on sites similar to ZENmix.io, nor can you claim ownership of the music. See full license.

Use it on YouTube, music for your video, in your meditation sessions, guided meditations, in meditation apps, as background music, on your podcast, for hypnosis, for wellbeing, in a spa, for reiki, in therapy, as ambient meditation music, meditation background music, relaxation music, meditation music for youtube and anywhere else you can think of. Even in commercial projects.

Format: MP3 (192kbps up to 320kbps)

Using competitors at $50 per track * 12 tracks: 600

Today Only: $149$39 excl. local sales taxes

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Great music at a great price. Thank you for generously creating these and making them available for use.


Meditation Instructor

royalty-free meditation music for commercial use


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royalty-free meditation music for commercial use

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royalty-free meditation music for commercial use

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Create your own tracks with the ZENmix App

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is ordering from ZENmix secure?


I use Paddle.com for all my payments. They are a reseller and are a leading payment provider loved in the software world. Maybe that's because some of you don't know them. I never had any issue with them on both sides - buying and selling.

Plus, I never see any credit card details, which I love because they take care of all the security, and I have to worry less and you too.

Why is the price on checkout different?

Local sales taxes that apply to your location.

Taxes are handled by Paddle too and they determine the correct taxes based on your details. The price shown on the checkout is always including all sales taxes.

All prices on the ZENmix website are shown in USD and without local taxes as it's easier for most of my customers.

And in case, any local sales tax applies to your order it is immediately shown after opening the checkout.

I can tell you, this tax stuff is ridiculously complicated. That's why I am happy that Paddle also takes care of this for me.

Can I listen to the song before buying?


You'll find the previews on the product page of each Pack. Simply, select a pack in the product grid above and it takes you to the product page where you can listen to the songs.

Can I buy a single track only

Yes, you can buy single tracks on the royalty-free meditation music single track page.

Why is your royalty-free music not free?

That's a common misconception and understandable if you've never dealt with any licensing before.

Royalty-free music is not free as in free beer. Royalty-free means that you don't have to pay any royalties to the rightsholder for continued use. Classically, you had to pay for every use and with sometimes strict view or usage limits like limited to 5000 CD sales or 5000 downloads.

However, not so with royalty-free music. Instead, you pay for the license once and can use it forever and how often you want.

Is it "No Copyright"?

No. The music is copyrighted by ZENmix and its composers and the copyright remains with ZENmix and its composers.

What you buy is a royalty-free license that grants you the use of our music for commercial purposes under certain restrictions. Read the full details about it in ZENmix Royalty-Free License.

I want to use music for a Youtube mediation video. Is that allowed?


You can use the music in your YouTube mediation videos and monetize them.

Read full ZENmix Royalty-Free License for more.

Can I create a video of several nature videos with your music?


You can use the music in your YouTube relaxation videos and monetize them.

Read full ZENmix Royalty-Free License for more.

Can I use this music as background for my guided meditations and sell those meditations?

Yes as long as your customer is only listening to your meditations.

You can not grant resell rights to your customer as we don't allow reselling, sublicensing, or redistribution of our music this way.

Read full ZENmix Royalty-Free License for more.

Can I use your music on Spotify, etc?

It depends.

If you used the music as part of guided meditations, affirmations, visualizations, and your voice is audible, you're allowed to publish it on Spotify and co. It's considered part of your work then.

However, you can not simply publish the track as is on Spotify and co except it's a video platform like YouTube where it's part of the video work.

Can I use your music for Subliminals?

No, if you only added Subliminals and want to sell or make them available otherwise like putty on Spotify.

Yes, if you create a video and publish your video wor on YouTube, Vimeo, or alike. Or if it's part of an app.

Where do I find the full license?

Click on the link ZENmix Royalty-Free License to read the full license.

My download is not working or the files seem corrupt

That's a classical issue for iPhone users. Please use a computer or an Android mobile device to download and extract the songs.

iOS does not support downloading an archive, extracting it, and making the files aka music available for other apps on the device. It's a limitation on iOS created by Apple. I can't fix that.

I only got a part of the files

Paddle sends an email with a download link per pack. So, if you bought the bundle, you'll get 5 emails with a single download link.

Please check your inbox and spam folder for these emails. And if you still didn't find it, please email me at hello@zenmix.io.

What bitrates do the MP3 have?

The tracks are all in CD quality but are distributed with different bitrates. This is because the packs evolved, and I have not updated older tracks as the bitrate is always acceptable for most use cases of digital audio.

Honestly, most people don't even notice any difference between a 128kbps track and a 320kbps one, especially not on regular consumer speakers or headphones.

In detail:

  • Pack 1 Roots: 11 tracks at 128kbps vbr + 1 at 320kbps vbr
  • Pack 2 Roots: 12 tracks at 192kpbs cbr up to 320kbps vbr
  • Pack 3 Dreamscape: 12 tracks at 192kpbs cbr up to 320kbps vbr
  • Pack 4 Ancient Healing: 12 tracks at 320kbps vbr
  • Pure Solgeffio: 12 tracks as Wave