License Terms for the Free Tracks - With Attribution

This license only applies to our free songs and NOT to any sounds or music of our app or packs & bundles.

By downloading our free songs you confirm to adhere to our license term.

⚠️ Attribution is required.

Correct Attribution:

Original Meditation Music by ZENmix:

Put the attribution into your video description on YouTube and similar places.

The ZENmix Free Music License

This license only applies to our free tracks that are explicitly marked as free with this license. All other work is NOT available with this license.

  • ✓ Free for personal und commercial use
  • ✓ Attribution is required with a link back to (see below); if you can't link back to us because you publish a CD, you must attribute in an appropriate credits sections.
  • You are NOT allowed to distribute this music as is or creating services similar to

    You cannot re-sell our music or distribute our music as a 'music only' product. This means that you cannot sell CDs or digital downloads of our music, nor can you make our music available in any way that allows people to download, stream or extract the music as a standalone file. No Subliminal recordings; your voice must be clearly audible.

  • You can NOT alter our music and then claim that the music is yours. For example, you cannot add brainwave entrainment frequencies or nature sounds to our music and then sell or distribute the music as your own product. Any audio-only product you create must include a voiceover.

  • You can NOT sub-license the music

    You cannot sub-license (with or without voice over) our music to any third party, nor can you sell our music as part of a production music library, as stock music, royalty free music or music sample library. Should you create a product containing our music for your client, who is intending to re-sell your product, a separate license must be purchased in the name of your client.

This license applies only to our free songs and NOT to any of our other offers.

Correct Attribution:

Original Meditation Music by ZENmix: