Royalty-Free Meditation Scripts License

Version 1.0 from March, 10th 2023

By purchasing resources (“item” or “file”) you are being granted a license to use these files for specific uses under certain conditions. Ownership remains with ZENmix by Jens Boje, and you are required to abide by the following licensing terms.


You can use the scripts in your audible meditations in class, or your meditation recordings, YouTube videos, etc., and you can sell your guided meditation recordings using our scripts. Worldwide - nonexclusive and revocable license (see below).

You can do

  • Record, share, and sell your audible meditation in audio or video
  • Speak them in online and offline classes
  • During client session
  • Sell your guided meditation recordings or give them away for free
  • You can also edit the scripts to your liking, leave parts out or add them as you see fit.

You can NOT do

  • Claim copyright or ownership of the script. It still belongs to ZENmix
  • Editing the scripts and then giving away or selling those scripts as yours or claiming copyright for your it.

License Revocation

Should you violate the license terms or invalidate your purchase like a refund or causing a chargeback, your license is immediately void and you have to remove any work you’ve created using our scripts at your cost.