What Digital Products to Sell as a Coach

In Why Sell Digital Products as a Coach, we discussed why coaches and therapists should sell digital products. This article explains what digital products you should sell.

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Be Specific, Stay Small

When you create your digital products, focus on a single topic, aka your audience’s pain point, and show them one solution to get quickly from their starting point to the desired outcome.

The more specific it is, the more apparent it is for your audience to decide if it is for them and if it brings more benefits than parting with their money.

Also, keep it short and only include the necessities.

It helps to keep folks focused and actually doing the stuff you teach rather than indefinitely putting it off for tomorrow.

What Digital Products to Sell as a Coach or Therapist

1. Guided Meditations

Guided meditations are among the best ways to speed up trust-building as folks connect with your voice. It’s like talking in person with the same human vibe, unmatched by books, checklists, and similar methods.

The only better way is to use videos with you in them to even build a better connection.

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2. Spoken Affirmations

Affirmations are powerful tools for building a positive mindset. They are short, concise statements that you repeat to yourself daily, and they can help you shift your mindset from negative to positive.

Record a set around a particular topic your audience is interested in, and leverage the power of your voice.

3. Short Audio Lectures

Expand your best-going blog posts into short audio lectures and leverage them with the power of your voice. Be specific on a single topic and help them quickly get from A to B without any fluff.

4. eBooks Tailored to Your Coaching Specialty

Publish an eBook with expertise and knowledge tailored to your coaching audience. Packaging your insights into a downloadable eBook grants clients the tools they need to deepen their knowledge in your area of expertise.

5. Digital and Printable Coaching Planners

Design stylish and functional coaching planners that clients can print or use on their devices, adding an enjoyable and organized dimension to their daily routines.

6. Personal Development Guidebooks

Create guidebooks centered around self-improvement, filled with exercises and resources tailored for your client base to supplement your digital product offerings or to grow your mailing list.

7. Comprehensive Goal-Setting Guides

Introduce goal-focused workbooks branded with your coaching business to aid clients in setting actionable objectives and tracking their progress, adding significant value to their coaching experience.

8. Collaborative Coaching Worksheets

Develop and distribute worksheets that complement the activities and goals of your coaching sessions, enhancing client reflection and progress review.

9. Comprehensive Coaching Set

Assemble a collection of printables showcasing tried-and-true coaching tools, such as grounding exercises and cognitive reframing methods, to support your clients’ personal growth.

10. Positive Affirmation Card Sets

Contribute to your clients’ positive mindset by providing downloadable affirmation card sets targeting various aspects of personal well-being.

11. Mindfulness and Meditation Logs

Encourage mental wellness by offering meditation or mindfulness journals, prompting clients to document and reflect on their mindfulness practices.

12. Micro Courses

Create a short, specialized course on a specific topic, such as stress management, self-care, or mindfulness, to help clients develop new skills and deepen their understanding of the subject matter.

Those micro courses can be in any format, be it text, audio only, videos, or even via Whatsapp, Messenger, Telegram, SMS, or email.

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13. Engaging 30-Day Improvement Programs

Implement 30-day challenge programs designed to instill beneficial habits in various areas like career growth, personal development, health, or finance, leading to lasting client transformations.

14. Daily Gratitude Diaries

Promote daily positivity by offering gratitude journals, guiding clients to regularly acknowledge and reflect upon life’s blessings, and fostering a more resilient mindset.

15. Inspirational Mental Health Art Prints

Design digital mental health posters that clients and fellow coaches can download and display. These posters will serve as daily reminders of essential mental wellness practices.

16. Customizable Coaching Presentation Kits

Provide slide-deck templates tailored for various coaching presentations, from storytelling to case studies, sharing your unique coaching perspectives.

17. Coaching-Focused Lead Magnet Blueprints

Offer templates for creating effective lead magnets, attracting website visitors, and converting them into subscribers through high-value content offerings.

18. Goal Visualization Vision Board Kits

Facilitate goal manifestation for your clients with digital vision board kits, helping them assemble visual mosaics of their aspirations and intentions.

19. Printable Habit Formation Trackers

Assist clients in cultivating new routines with habit trackers that provide a month-long visual progress report on their newly adopted behaviors.

20. Emotion Monitoring Charts

Supply mood trackers featuring engaging graphics for clients to monitor emotional patterns, turning self-awareness into a visually appealing task.

21. Quick Reference Coaching Summaries

Produce a variety of cheat sheets summarizing key coaching concepts and methods, offering clients a handy resource for quick information retrieval.

22. Progressive Coaching Action Lists

Create checklists designed to keep clients on track with their progress, offering a structured and systematic approach to maintaining momentum between sessions.


The list above is just a tiny sample of the many digital products you can offer as a coach or therapist. The key is to identify the areas where you can provide value to your clients and tailor your offerings to their specific needs.

The smaller and more specific your offers are, the faster you can create them and the more likely folks will purchase them. So, feel free to get creative and think outside the box regarding digital products for your coaching business.

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